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Batch Name: Apocalyptic Annihilator
Brew Date: 4/28/02
Batch Size: 5 Gallon
Plastic, 8 Days
Glass, 38 Days
Orig Gravity: 1.064
Final Gravity: 1.017
Alcohol (Vol): 6.18%
 1 pound Caramel Lov 60°
 1/2 pound Chocolate Malt
 7 pounds Bierkeller unhopped dark Malt Extract
 3 ounces Crystal hops
 1 ounce Hellertau hops
 1 pound Dark Brown Sugar
 2 tsp. Irish Moss
 1 vial Wyeast California Lager yeast

Double Bocks or Doppelbocks are huge beers with enough malt packed in them to consider them a meal in its self. Generally having a very full-bodied flavor and darker than other bocks with a higher level of alcohol also. The range in color from dark amber to nearly black. Dark versions may have slight chocolate or roasted characters. Traditionally Doppelbock brews end in -ator in honor of the original, Paulaner Salvator (Latin, "Savior").

This was my first attempt at brewing a beer from scratch without using a kit. It was created using a selection of dark malts and grains, with the addition of some brown sugar for a touch of sweet.

Truly a beer that eats like a meal... nice and smooth with good hop levels, and so dark you can't see through it. It has a fine carbonation with a rich thick head.

First Boil
Steep grains in 3 gallons of water at 155°F for 30 minutes, then discard grains.

Second Boil
Add GBierkeller extract. At first boil bubble, add brown sugar. Keep at a hard rolling boil for 60 minutes. At 30 minutes, add Crystal hops. Add Hellertau hops and irish moss for last 2 minutes of boil. Cool wort to at least 120°F and transfer to primary fermenter. Add enough cool water to fill fermenter to 5 gallons and further reduce temperature to 75°F

Primary Fermentation
Pitch yeast at 75°F and aerate well.
Ferment for 8 days at 68°F, First CO2 should be evident within 48 hours.

Secondary Fermentation
This beer is a slow fermenter, so it will probably be bubbling pretty steadily, even though most of the hops and other solids will have settled by this point.
Rack to secondary fermenter (GLASS!).
Ferment 30-40 days at 68°F

Rack to bottling bucket
Prime with 5 oz corn sugar boiled with 2 cups of water added to wort, and condition for about 3 months.


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